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  • What’s so ridiculous about this is that plenty of liberals got really angry about all of the above things, but when Obama continues and expands all of these horrific policies they shut their mouth because he’s “our guy” in the White House. The Democrats are just a complicit, so where is the anger?

  • Op is a Fag… Obama care is a joke. Nothing wrong with healthcare but his idea was and is plain horse Shit

  • The two posters above me are the type of stupid sub-human trash that will be the eventual downfall of the USA. “OP is a ‘fag'” – that’s about the level of brain power consistent throughout the entire legion of people the original post was directed towards. I swear to God, if there was a way to nuke a place and only kill the idiot trash, I think it would solve most all of our problems.

    Oh, and 4chan should be utterly destroyed along with its regular users.