GiveUpInternet.com is  a source of internet humor and geeky things since 2008. GUI is one of the top Geeky Website according to MakeUseOf. On November 2015, we decided to convert GiveUpInternet.com into a community that all contributors can share geeky stuff.

When i was a teenager, i wrote this about text, i have said; “… i’ll go on later.” at the end. But i dont think i can. So i’d better leave it alone. Thank you.

“GiveUpInternet.com, is a blog (as you may definitely know), that really wants to bring “humor stuff” to internet people and developers. We just make fun of internet and technology. We are not focused on people. We respect people, we don’t laugh at people.  To laugh at others is the cheapest thing on earth. If you can’t stop laughing at people, just go to other humor blogs and sites or look at a mirror.

– To write “Would you date with her?” under a fat girl’s photo is not “humor”. This is not funny. This is rude. This is cruel. This is stupid. Also this is not internet.

… i’ll go on later.”