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  • Screw transparent windows!!! I still use XP and will continue to use XP, until they decide that if it isn’t broken there is no need to fix it!!! Money hunger Bill Gates and Steve Jobs want you to think that they are in competition when in reality they are working together to empty your pockets into theirs.

    When you add Win7 as your OS (even on a 2 week old computer with updated and fantastic hardware) It will not recognize that hardware… You have to pretty much buy the OS, try it out and then find hardware and software that is suitable for Win7. They have only succeeded in overly complicating something that should be simple, clutter free and always relevant through constant updates. An OS should be, just a shell that can be changed to suit the user, and a smooth flowing interface. Not a memory hog that is full of useless widgets and security features. Another thing, anyone that needs to simply their computing experience does need to own a computer. A computer should be treated like a sports car and it should be challenging and exciting. Not an easy to use piece of shit like a wad of toilet paper you use to wipe your stinking ass!!! The first thing a computer distributor should ask a first time buyer, “What is C++, HTML, JAVA, Flash, and how do you format, defrag, and install hardware on your computer?” If they can’t answer then refuse the sell.