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Google Top 10 Most Used Products in 2008

google logo Erick Schonfeld of Tech Crunch wrote an awesome article about top used Google Products.

Top Used 10 Google Products in 2008;

According to Quantcast

1. Google Search
2. Google Maps
3. Google Image Search
4. Gmail
5. Google Book Search
6. Google News
7. Google Video Search
8. Picasa
9. Google Earth
10. Google Groups

According to ComScore

1. Google Search
2. Google Image Search
3. Google Maps
4. Gmail
5. Google News Search
6. Google Video Search
7. Google Product Search
8. Google Book Search
9. Picasa
10. Google Earth

Google maps is being used more than Gmail. It’s surprising i think.  Quantacast’s list doesn’t seem to be true i think.

Google Search is Broken

google search is broken
Google Keyword in Google Search is Broken.  / by muellergraphics / flickr.

Can you believe this? Google is broken. I’ve been talking about these for a month. Google is broken, and this is the reason why we’ve changed our name to Give Up Internet! Hey Google, i can’t say you “give up internet” but at least, take a holiday.