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4Chan Gives 90-Year-Old A Very Happy Birthday [PIC]

A few days ago, 4Chan decided they were going to make William J. Lashua’s 90th birthday one he’d never forget. The big day was yesterday, and sure enough, he received a huge pile of cards from Internet well-wishers and a few charming party-crashers even stopped by.

Time Magazine Pwnd, Hacked By 4chan Hackers, and 4chan Founder Moot Became the World’s Most Influential

The hackers of 4Chan have succeeded in completely gaming Time Magazine’s online poll for its Time 100 list of the most influential people on the planet. At the top of the list is Christopher Poole, aka Moot, the founder of the 4Chan online forum, whose members used some coding to get his name to the top of the list. Not only did they help moot win the poll, but they also arranged the next 20 names to spell out “Marblecake, also the game.” Marblecake is a lewd sexual reference, but is also supposedly the name of the chat room where one of 4Chan’s online collective actions, Project Chanology, originated.

We’ve posted this image last week;  Also the work of 4chan? | Marble Cake Also The Game | The Hidden MarbleCake [PIC].

And here is the original Time Page;  Your TIME 100