iHome Star Wars Death Star Bluetooth Speaker Li-B18.FX Review [PRODUCT]


I saw this in the store and my introductory impression was I thought it looked kinda shabby and would have low quality sound. My wife demanded that I get it in light of the fact that I’m an immense Star Wars fan so I did. Incredibly, it’s very flawless.

Here are the specialized arrangements to this Battlestation:

* It’s only a tad bit littler than I was expecting when I first took it out of the case.

* It’s the ideal size for work areas or workstations.

* The shading is “silver” not dark.

* The LED lights enlighten with a cool white gleam that serves as a night light.

* No alternative to turn lights off. Can be to some degree diverting in rooms.

* The speaker dwells in the Death Star’s principle Superlaser center lens.

* Sound quality is genuinely useful for the size yet has some gentle contortion playing at high volume.

* There is no real way to modify volume control on it, volume level is just controlled by your remote gadget or PC.

* Lithium-Ion battery ought to keep going for around 8 hours yet will drop bluetooth network before that when it begins getting low.

* There is no battery power remaining marker which is irritating. A portable application would have been exceptionally useful for this.

* Includes a smaller than expected to-USB link with Aux little fitting to unite specifically to the speaker jack on your remote or cell phones.

* Bluetooth extent is just around 30 feet for remote network.

May the Force be with you!