Google + and its genius plan with Invites to take on Facebook.

For the last couple of days it seems that my Facebook news feed has been exploding with people offering invites to Google +. Often not even referring to Google+ but rather simply saying “couple invites left.” The excitement this seeming exclusivity creates is incredible, as more and more Google + invitations flutter into my inbox. I start to wonder why make it an invite service other than to entice people who would other wise not find out about the service as quickly if it entirely open.
Now Google is known for creating invite only services, however in the past those invites were not given out to all users in seemingly unlimited amounts.
I feel like the marketing team that came up with the idea of giving unlimited invites out to a generation of people who live on Facebook and twitter status updates deserves a standing ovation, for the ability to use their competitions services in order to boost exposure for Googles latest venture. They’ve clearly already captured much of their competitions user base, lets just see if they can hang on to it. / emptv