Facebook is going to Kill Digg

I think people on digg can not manage digg well. Digg can’t catch the train and can’t improve itself enough. Think about facebook’s “like” button. It has to be the key of digg to own the content of the internet but digg doesn’t have even a strong response. Facebook is going to make digg more useless in near future.


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  • Anyone who clicks the Facebook likes button is foolish.
    All the items you list as things you like MUST become public and linked to public profile pages. If you don’t want them linked and made public, then you don’t get them — though Facebook nicely hangs onto them in its database in order to let advertisers target you.

    This includes your music preferences, employment information, reading preferences, schools, etc. All the things that make up your profile. They all must be public — and linked to public pages for each of those bits of info — or you don’t get them at all. That’s hardly a choice, and the whole system is maddeningly complex. I don’t think people realise the implications of the new Facebook settings.

    I deleted my account a few weeks ago (not deactivated, but deleted). However I am well aware that they still have all the information that ever passed through my profile and that it will be sold to the highest bidder.

    Also by using the Facebook Like button it will effectively give them ownership of the internet, as the Google algorithm will be harmed.