HELP ME GET A CAR – $1000 | Craigslist: “im not the police or anything and if you are please don’t email me.”

Hi i need some help i need a car. I just graduated from high school and im starting college and i need transportation back and forth to school. I used to have a car but my parents took it away once they kicked me out. They kicked me out becuase my baby sister got drunk and called me at 5 in the morning to come pick her up. when i got there she had like 30 of her friends with her and i told her i could not take all of them home. The car was too small and i had to get up for work in a 4 hours. She got mad and would not get in the car. I called my parents to talk since into her but they were sleeping. So after waiting 45 minutes i just left.. But later after i left my sister was arrested. My parents blamed me. I really dont understand what i did wrong. It was her fault if anything. But anyway i was kicked out and they took my car. I had some money i had been saving up but i had to use that for me to have a place to stay. But now i need me a car. I tried car dealerships but they are not willing to take a chance on me cuz i just turned 18 i have no credit or a down payment. Me having a job is just not enough. I have beeen trying craigslist for sometime but it was no luck. Most people will email me saying they think what im doing is stupid and that is fine. If you know a different way then please tell me. Cause trust me i would rather get a car in a way where im not doing sexual favors but my back is up against the wall right now. And i dont know you or your situation so i dont want you to be offended by this at all. I dont know how much you need the money from selling the car but i was hoping maybe u can help me with the car. If its just sitting in ur drive way and you wana get rid of it then help me. I dont expect to get it for free of course. I was hoping that maybe you would accept oral sex or to let me make some small payments(and just cuz im offering oral sex dont think im some dirty slut whose been with a million guys. Cuz i have not not and i been tested and i have no STDs). I know its far fetched but i need some help desperately. So if you can please help me. I mean if you want to just give me the car that would be AMAZING but nothing comes free in this world. So im willing to try and pay. The payments wont be much but if you give me time i swear i will pay it all. Let me know if you can help me if not then i understand thank you and have a blessed day. Oh yeah by the way i really dont have the 1000 dollars i just put that up to attract more people and check my email like 3 times and hour so please respond as much as u can

Oh and let me tell u now im not the police or anything and if u are then please dont email me. I dont want any trouble and im not trying to get anyone in trouble. I just need help. If you feel like what im offering is not good enough for what u have then dont bother to email me. But if u do then let me know