8 Things Why Working From Home is Better

i love give up internet GiveUpInternet.com | This is a Guest Post |  I have worked from home for two years and if I ever go back to cubicle hell I will go insane. Here is why working from home is so awesome for me:

1) You save a f__k load of money. Not commuting saves gas money, means cheaper car insurance, and means your car lasts much longer and has far less maintenance on it.

2) Every meal you eat is healthy. I am in the best shape of my life because every meal I eat is a hot, freshly prepared, home cooked meal. This also saves lots of money. Same for coffee/tea, you make you own and save a lot of money.

3) You have a lot more time. Taking away the commute time and not putting on a monkey suit means you can get a proper nights sleep, wake up when your body tells you too, and still have lots of extra time.

4) You are more productive. You work when you are creative, not when a clock tells you too. Plus not having people around doesn’t distract you. No bullshit water cooler talk or office politics to put up with.

5) You learn more. Without people riding your ass you can read lots of wicked articles on programming reddit and play around with new technologies.

6) You can do other things. I go to bank, get groceries, go to the gym etc… and not worry. I can meet friends for lunch and go watch a movie with them. You also meet tons of awesome girls during the day; girls getting graduate degrees you bump into at the book store, cool chicks at yoga classes, hair stylists, bartenders, hooters girls, and MILFS are often out during the day.

7) You can also party during the week when it is cheaper. Many nightclubs have industry nights where people who work weekends like strippers, bartenders, retail, etc… great nights to go out because these people like to party. You can sleep in and not go to the office a hungover wreck.

8 ) Health. I don’t work in some dirty polluted sealed office. I work next to window with actual real sunshine, that I can open for fresh air. Also, you avoid the stress of the commute and office bullshit, and getting a good nights sleep make a huge difference. This will add years to your life.

Now that’s if you work for someone. If you work for yourself now add random snowboarding (seasons pass costs nothing for a weekday one), mountain biking, and amusement park adventures at your leisure. Also, you will be take home about another 8-12 g’s a year on top of your normal salary because of all the money you save and how efficient you can be. It costs money to work.

Now I should mention something, I have a lot of friends, and many of them are home during the day, do their own thing too, or have a business I can go hang out with them at, so loneliness is not an issue. Most of you are probably in the same boat and have people like that too, so it should work out for you. Try it, you will love it. If you have a job already, convince your boss, tell them there will be no distractions, and he won’t have to lease space for you. It’s a win-win. Remember, in the old days everyone worked from home, it’s only natural.

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