This time It’s Serious. Digg really HAVE TO change.

digg logoA story in ipetitions is at the top of digg now with more than 15k diggs “Power users are controlling digg… Many people have great submissions and they never become popular. Here’s a quote from one of Digg’s very own users

"Just as an exemplary anecdote, I’ve been a user on here for nearly three years now. I read digg on a casual basis further back than that prior to signing up. In the first two years after I joined, I submitted stuff fairly regularly. Maybe once or twice a week or so. In those two years, I think maybe three to four submissions made it to the front page.

Back around February or March of this year, I submitted something I thought was pretty cool that had a decent chance of making the front page. I did it on break at work and checked digg when I got home to see how it did. The story made it to the front page allright, but it was a submission made after mine from MrBabyMan that used the same exact story with a slightly different URL. ” Click here to read the rest

Personally i gave up digg a year ago and switched to reddit like thousands. Reddit is always a fairy place. There is always a place for newcomer at reddit but i can’t say the same for digg. What should digg do then?


1-)  Remove all “buddy connections” and “buddy lists”
2-) Disable Shouting (WTH is shouting??)
3-)  Change your mind! (this is not the first time diggers talking about this)