This is So Sad and Beautiful – Imaginary Friends [COMIC]









































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  1. I’m not kidding when I say this almost made me cry, and I was never really a huge Foster’s Home fan. Quite an interesting idea!

    • This is a verbatim parody of the ending of the sitcom/hospital drama “St. Elsewhere.” It was very popular, and often had crossover characters from other sitcoms of the time—Fonzie made an appearance, for example. The series ended with a pan out of the hospital, revealing that everything had been in the imagination of an autistic kid playing with a snow globe of a hospital.

      Honestly, I’ve seen this on a ton of sites, but I think Foster’s is the perfect place to fit a parody of it. Can’t think of a better show—it almost makes more sense than the original.

  2. What a beautifully fucked up idea. However, I find it odd that they chose autism. I would go with more of a car crash thing. I don’t know much about autism, but I’ve never seen an autistic person act like this. Still a mind fuck of an idea.

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