Registered By Microsoft. Good Move. [PIC] Registered By Microsoft. Good Move. [PIC]

“Fattest Can in The World” __ It’s not that the results are superior, they’re largely what I’d expect from such a query and they’re pretty similar to Google’s results anyway. Same goes for their web search.

The difference is:

  • top right corner there’s 4 little icons, the left-most puts dozens of thumbs on my screen at once which is awesome
  • scroll down for more, no clicking page after page
  • clicking a result doesn’t take you away from the page it just iframes the host page and you move down the image results to view more of them without back-and-forthing

Bing really does feel like a better, more thought out effort than MSN or Live. Whether it beats Google or not they have made a pretty decent search engine.

Bing Doesn’t Suck. I’m serious, don’t laugh.

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