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Super Steve Jobs Game [VIDEO]

Boronzox created an awesome mario clone game called Super Steve Jobs. I really liked it. Watch until the end.

Shrek Fish [VIDEO]

Shrek Fish [VIDEO]

An unusual fish was found off a Japanese island — and the scaly creature bears an uncanny resemblance to lovable ogre Shrek. The fella’s something called an Asian Sheepshead Wrasse. While the bulbous head is normal for the species, area divers claim this guy’s goofy features and Shreky ears are anything but common.

Youtube Radio [VIDEO]

Concept & Production: Guy Dayan
Music & Lyrics: Adam Ben Ezra
Drawings: Daniel Barak
Sound Designer: Dan Zipori
Pop Singer: Maayan Hirschbein
Singers: Adam Ben Ezra & Guy Dayan

Time-lapse video of asteroid discoveries in our solar system from 1980-2010. Best viewed in 1080p. [VIDEO]

Time-lapse video of asteroid discoveries in our solar system from 1980-2010. Best viewed in 1080p. [VIDEO]

Video Created by Scott Manley, this is a view of the solar system showing the locations of all the asteroids starting in 1980, as asteroids are discovered they are added to the map and highlighted white so you can pick out the new ones.
The final colour of an asteroids indicates how closely it comes to the inner solar system.
Earth Crossers are Red
Earth Approachers (Perihelion less than 1.3AU) are Yellow
All Others are Green

Notice now the pattern of discovery follows the Earth around its orbit, most discoveries are made in the region directly opposite the Sun. You’ll also notice some clusters of discoveries on the line between Earth and Jupiter, these are the result of surveys looking for Jovian moons. Similar clusters of discoveries can be tied to the other outer planets, but those are not visible in this video.

As the video moves into the mid 1990’s we see much higher discovery rates as automated sky scanning systems come online. Most of the surveys are imaging the sky directly opposite the sun and you’ll see a region of high discovery rates aligned in this manner.

At the beginning of 2010 a new discovery pattern becomes evident, with discovery zones in a line perpendicular to the Sun-Earth vector. These new observations are the result of the WISE (Widefield Infrared Survey Explorer) which is a space mission that’s tasked with imaging the entire sky in infrared wavelengths.

The scale of the video at 1080P resolution is roughly 1million kilometers per pixel, and each second of video corresponds to 60 days.

Currently we have observed over half a million minor planets, and the discovery rates show no sign that we’re running out of undiscovered objects, scientific estimates suggest that there are about a billion asteroids larger than 100metres (about the size of a football field) .

Orbital elements were taken from the ‘astorb.dat’ data created by Ted Bowell and associates at ftp://ftp.lowell.edu/pub/elgb/astorb.html

The 8-Bit Mixtape [VIDEO]

The Eclectic Method work their remixing magic on 8-bit game music.

The 8-Bit Mixtape [VIDEO]

Inception, The Musical [VIDEO]

From the “horrible nightmare ideas” files. That said, I wouldn’t mind seeing the inevitable Snow Fortress ensemble number at the end.

Inception, The Musical [VIDEO]

4Chan Gives 90-Year-Old A Very Happy Birthday [PIC]

A few days ago, 4Chan decided they were going to make William J. Lashua’s 90th birthday one he’d never forget. The big day was yesterday, and sure enough, he received a huge pile of cards from Internet well-wishers and a few charming party-crashers even stopped by.

A Lovely Song and Tribute to Michael Jackson – Through The Rain, By Blacktarn [VIDEO]

A Lovely Song and Tribute to Michael Jackson – Through The Rain [VIDEO]

Blacktarn is a 22 years old nice girl from Germany. She likes singing. She is good at it. You can check her youtube and myspace profiles.

I roam this town
In the rain, at night
And the thought of you
is the only thing that fills this place with light

You’re here with me
I can feel your presence as you follow me
Guide me,
I know you’ve gone away, but you’ve never disappeared

I remember when
I watched you walk these very streets so long ago
All by yourself
Like a Stranger in Moscow without a place to go

But now you’re here with me
and I can feel your presence as you follow me
You guide me,
I know you’ve gone away, but you’ll never disappear

I’ve learned to cope
I’ve learned to move on
This rain has washed away the tears

And I hope you know
although I can’t see you
You’ll still be in my heart in a hundred years

So I’ll stick around
Through the rain and through the nights
And the thought of you
Is what’s gonna help me stay alive

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Top 5 Futures of all Times in Movies [VIDEO]

Brett celebrates the release of Surrogates by listing the Top 5 Futures he wishes he could live in.

The Rotten Tomatoes Show is a movie review show that airs on Thursday nights at 10:30 e/p on Current TV. From reviews of the newest releases to commentary on cult favorites and movie trends, each episode of The Rotten Tomatoes Show is a fast-paced, comedic journey through the week in cinema.

Autonomous quadrocopter flies through windows [VIDEO]

Autonomous quadrocopter flies through windows [VIDEO]

Control of precise aggressive maneuvers with an autonomous quadrotor helicopter. This is a small autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). Demonstrations of flips, flight through windows, and quadrotor perching are shown. Work done at the GRASP Lab, University of Pennsylvania.

Thanks to “gaco” .