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Ashton Kutcher and Kevin Rose have teamed up to create 24 Hours at Sundance, a Web-Based reality Show

ashton kutcherkevin rose giveupinternet.com | Taken from CNET: “What a pairing: Hollywood slacker-hottie icon Ashton Kutcher and Silicon Valley slacker-hottie icon Kevin Rose have teamed up to create 24 Hours at Sundance, a Web-based reality show set at the eponymous film festival in Park City, Utah, later this week.

Backed by mobile live-streaming start-up Qik, the competition-focused show will pit four “social media mavens” against one another for 24 straight hours as they complete a set of challenges surrounding the annual film festival and broadcast them via Qik software on Nokia handsets. Rose (best known for founding Digg) and Kutcher, the Dude, Where’s My Car actor whose production company Katalyst Media has created a Web show called Blah Girls, will co-host.

The four “social media mavens” are VentureBeat editor Matt Marshall, gadget blogger Meghan Asha, Konsole Kingz founder CJ Peters, and video blog personality Irina Slutsky.

“I kind of feel like there’s been a trend in entertainment in general that moves toward a more visceral, more live experience,” Kutcher told CNET News. “We have an idea of what we want to happen, but who knows what’s actually going to happen.”  Read The Rest

Give Up Internet‘s Note: It won’t be that easy for Ashton to follow what’s going on at “geek speed”.  Maybe it can be good but “Rhythm”.

This is Why Kevin Rose Loves Digg [PIC]

This is why kevin rose loves digg
This is Why Kevin Rose Loves Digg

Kevin Rose Says in his Comment: HEY LOOK ‘IM ON A SCREENSHOT ON A “WHY I LOVE DIGG” ARTICLE ON THE FRONT PAGE.  HI MOM!  As you know, half of the stories submitted to digg are “this is why i love digg” articles. Most of them are really nonsense.  Anyway. In this conversation, Kevin says “… ON THE FRONT PAGE”.  I agree with him about the rest but i don’t think that this will hit the front page. This story was

Digg’s Cost 5 Million / a Year

kevin rose
Kevin Rose

Spence E.Ante, from Business Week, wrote and article about Digg and the whole Web 2.0 Media Blogs covered that story. The reason behind this business fail is Microsoft and Microsoft really freezed Digg’s advertising strategies with tons of useless banner ads. It’s a three years of contract.  I know that Microsoft paid good money. If not, Microsoft should give up internet, if they paid good money but Digg Guys can’t manage it well, digg guys should give up internet. If there is something secret that we don’t know and we go on talking around rumors, we should give up internet.