The Source of’s Content

Mostly images from reddit, digg, stumbleupon and other social media sites. This is not a secret. We sometimes forget or can’t find (but generally ignore) to point a source under the content. We should do this. We have to do this.

What about the rest of the content?

We create content. Here is a on of our comic series; (Ballon Man)
And another comic series; (Bad But Funny Comics)

Community Send Content Continuously

Here is a post sent by our follower;
Here is another;

And many more

As an obsessive internet people, i view a lot of content and it’s not that hard for me to find content for GUI.

Why is Awesome?
– GiveUpInternet is one of the top 10 Geeky Blog on the Internet according to MakeUseOf.

– Because some really cool people follows it.

– Everyone knows each other at Facebook Fan Page. (this is an unsuccess story, i know)

– You don’t have to view 2 pages for 1 content.

– Daily Fresh Content. Worlwide new things as meme.

– You can contribute to GUI.

– And too many things you should have missed.

Thank you for being one of the readers.
Have a nice Weekend!
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