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  • I never got to pull this because save points were in every game when I lived at home. I will not miss being at home or save points.

  • Nope. When I was that age, games didn’t HAVE save points! If you were lucky you got a code so you could carry on at a particular level.

  • Do this to wife, worst day of my life was playing oblivion, I hear “What the Hell does autosaving mean?” FFFFFFFFfffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • My parents played or watched me play most of the games and understood which ones could save at any time and which ones had save points. Having my mom run my character to a safe zone in a MMORPG to save me while I had to answer the phone was kind of strange

  • Like most i was too old to do this to parents but like Matt i have done this with my wife ob games including oblivion. She was not too happy when she started playing and figured my ruse out…

  • I am sick unto death of this recent Internet meme of bad cartooning. It is bad writing and bad cartooning.

  • yeah, lol this is something that everyone has done in one form or another

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