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  • Pentium? This is old, 2007 at the newest. Not to mention that the creator of this neglected to add a speaker set, dual web cams and two 6 port hubs to the PC side. Those 24″ Apple displays have some included extra features.

    PS. I’m not an Apple fan, Apple machines (especially work stations) are very over priced, but I can’t stand when a writer makes blatant mistakes, and a blogger reposts something very old with outdated, incorrect info.

  • Pentium is a typo, the old Prescott/northwood had only 1 core, these are Xeon (I guess) and have 8 cores.

    Let me add those for you.

    + Speaker $30 (Same standard as iMac’s aka laptop-speakers)
    + Webcam $60-$100
    + Two 24″ IPS-displays (Dell U2410, these are better than the Apple-display from that generation) $599*2 = $1200

    $500-$600 back for the old displays and + $1310 for the webcam and speakers.

    PC: $2700
    Mac: $7300

    Are you happy now?

  • The difference is, the PC is made from junk components has no durability or resale value. In addition, it will crash frequently and is the most annoying hard ware and software ever built.

    I’ve used PCs and Macs side by side for over 20 years and PCs are crap. If you have one when you could have a Mac, you’re insane, stupid, or both.

    • You’re so off. If you go the dealer and buy the parts yourself you can be assured that you’re getting the exact same parts that are being used in a mac. Thats why in the case of PCs you should never buy branded instead build custom. Even after getting absolutely original top notch stuff you’ll still get a pc thats way cheaper than a mac. Why mac prices products so high is beyond me. Maybe they buy parts at the MRP whereas any idiot knows you can get the same stuff at the wholesale price. PS I own a mac, and it has given me it’s fair share of problems, the system has locked a number of times, sometimes it refuses to start up from the UPS and one time i had to reset it cuz the Fan started spinning in overdrive. I have a 20 year old PC that still works fine. Maybe you battered the crap out of your PC which is why it’s giving poor performance.

  • waffle is right. I don’t now were you got your figures,I got a imac intel core 2
    duo 3.06 Ghz this year with all the goodies for $1,200.00

    • Let me make you weep:
      Core 2 Duo 3.06 GHZ = 150$ and BTW you just got ripped off in july they switched to core i3 processors
      I’m assuming the following specs from online info: 4 GB Ram : 65$
      500 GB HDD :50$
      DVD RW- 26$
      Monitor 21.5 : 210$
      Cooler Master Full Atx : 80$
      Gigabyte mobo: 130$
      Wireless keyboard mouse : 45$
      Webcam(with HD):60$
      Internal wireless reciever : 20$
      Bluetooth reciever: 10$
      Speakers: 25 $
      Total : 871$ where there are a few things better than the what you have within your mac. Adding win 7 to that brings it to 981$ you could get it cheaper too if you want.

    • BTW note that the systems have 12 GB ram, 2 graphics cards in sli 1.5tb hdd and the fact that thats not an imac its a mac pro.

  • @James

    Oh come off it, Macs lost any chance of justifying their outrageous prices when Windows 7 surprisingly didn’t suck and Linux became usable by non sysadmins.