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    • its really her i talked to her for like 10 min and she waved when i waved and she talked about my pic and stuff.. it really is her

  • i tought i got connected with her too… because of the background i tought it was realy her! but now that i see all those pics and videos… same clothes(you might think she uses the same jacket.. could be…. but! se the position of her hair! its always the same! wish not but its true! 🙁 )… same moves! same lightning… on difrent days! its just a scam! 🙁
    got excited too….

  • i saw her too i told people but no one believed me. Same house too . I wonder if it is real

  • yeah but me and my frineds told her to look behind her to see if she was real and she DID! :/

  • I actually had a lengthy conversation with her about 4 weeks ago telling her she wasn’t Jessica Alba, she go a little irritated when I didn’t believe her. I found this sight because i was looking to see If anyone else had come across her. It was no video or recording we actually chatted back and forth for about 4-5 minutes.

  • uhh yall are dumb do a lil more reading.. that video is the same one from the ibeatyou staring contest thing…. do somemore research before you get all giddy.. like jessica alba would be on chattroulette.. hahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahha

  • OMG Jessica Alba I love you and you are sooooooo beautiful and nice. You are like my role model i wish i could meet you that would be the greatest day of my life

  • well I just went on chatroulette today and someone used the same video:/ I thought I was really talking to her!

  • yeah guys, its always the same, i meet her 2 times and she made the same moves 1on1.
    i was wondering too, i asket “jessica alba” she smiled haha
    but i think this is every time the same, could be just the face, but the moves she does is a dirty bastard with a face-clone program maybe :))

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