2010 Version


Q) Who Must?
A) You must.

Welcome. I, Welcame too. (I  was in the army. )  We ( i and some good people) changed the theme. We’ll edit it a lot more soon. We hope you liked the new theme. I want to answer frequently asked questions via this post.

Q1) Is “Sergey Page” your real name? Are you Russian?
A1) Nope. It’s combination of Sergey Brin and Larry Page. (Founders of Google). It was more humorous before i explain it.  I’m from Internet.

Q2) Where do you find the content of the Blog?
A2) Mostly i do. Sometimes from Internet.

Q3) Only you post?
A3) Yes for now. But new friends are coming.

Q4) Do you make money?
A4) I love internet. I want Internet Business as extra. But i’m in “Health” business. (and happy and good at it) This blog makes a few bucks.  This site deserves to be more than a “spare time” site. I blog in my spare time.  But i want to take the blog more serious. Wow! I liked my voice.
Q5) Daily Unique Visitor of GUI?
A5) Average 1500. It has to be at least 50.000 hits a day to think that GUI is a serious blog. I can get 50.000 hits via social media buzz but the most important visitors are “direct visitors” and i have to focuse on it. makes more than 1 million dollars a year, Tech Crunch makes more than 400.000 dollars a month and many more.  Blogging is still an effective of mmo (making money online).  You can see our visitor numbers via sitemeter icon at footer.

“We have to reach 50.000 daily hits in a few months” Sergey Page.
“or Give Up Internet? Nope for now.” Sergey Page.

Q6) What can you do for
A6) Write about GUI at your blog maybe. Add GUI pages to social media sites. Stumble , Reddit, Digg, Tweet, Face the site.  Word of mouth is effective. Tell your friends about GUI. Say that,”  they’re really serious for this time”. (but don’t lol).

Q7) Expectation?


1-) Making GUI #1 Internet Humor Site. ( Humor for Developers and Internet People)
2-) At least 50.000 daily unique visitors in a few months.
3-) Making the template better.
4-) Creating T-Shirts, Tea Cups, New Categories and Great Content.
5-) New Authors.
6-) 7 Page Rank.
8 -) A lot of direct visitors.
9-) 50k Alexa Rank.
10-) a GUI, loller Than Ever.

Thank You Guys for Reading. You’re Awesome for now.

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