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  • Sergey, why especially “stranger in moscow” song? just because you’re moscow guy? i’m not saying the song is not good.

  • @cdex: that song is really awesome but i just pointed to dance performance during a slow song. It’s really incomparable i think. Additionaly, i love Moscow 😉

  • Woww thanks buddy that was really nice. Ive only heard that one time before/forgot how pretty it was. I would have ruled that one out from his live perfrmances for lack of high energy he is known for, but look how beautifully he weaves and adapts his dancing to a sofer more personal song and makes it all work. Nice.

  • I love this song and video I just heard a couple of weeks ago and it does show what MJ can do on the softer side..I find it simply delicious, it just makes him that more sexier….the words to the song are deep, I believe that is the way he really felt inside..”like a stranger in Moscow” cold & alone inside….I pray that he is really at peace and has found joy & happiness in heaven.