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  • all this is bull to get a normal mac that can play normal games is going to cost you more than $2500, for pc less that $1000, NVIDIA is not that expensive, PC can run many diferent OS on one hard drive mac cant do that, PC looks way batter than mac ! What About Sex depend on you are you an idiot or not, it may-be a shity computer but it will get u what u need or it may-be a fucking $5000 and it will give you problems and no Sex! Learn you tech asshole!

  • 1) why buy a mac to run windows on it? waste. of. money. also, a pc can run leopard os. just no one does because they use decent operating systems
    2) alienware have some of the best looking computers ever, just they arent boring or sterile – like a mac
    3) any alienware or pc over $1000 will let you play the latest video games easily
    4) i’m not sure about you, but i dont ask my computer for sex…
    5) pc’s use ati and nvidia, just like macs. but you never see a mac with a nvidia 3xx or 4xx series now do you? or a mac with anything above an ati 4xxx?
    latest just happens to be the ati 5xxx series… and intel core i3, i5 and i7s…
    6) next time you find a mac with 6gb of ddr3 1600Mhz (which they dont do because they dont use the latest technology…), 1tb hd @ 7200rpm and 32mb cache with a core i7 (which they also dont do) and an ati 5850 (or higher) for under $2000 us (like i built my pc for…) you let me know

    also, the highest performing operating system currently out is windows 7. no mac. never was never will be.

  • So for #3, how can you say Windows sucks then say Macs rule because they can bootcamp Windows?

  • $2500 for a decent gaming-PC! *Shitting myself i laughter*

    BSOD is a rarity, I fact more rare than the freezes in OSX.
    And bootcamp would also make all the so-called problems to the left of your “argument”.

    This is ridiculous! Talk about a desperate fanboy!

  • This is total freaking bullshit! I’m not sure who the person is that made this but they have absolutely no fucking clue about what they are talking about. They are so batshit crazy they think having a mac will get them laid… LMAO

  • by far most backwards and retarded comparison EVER. silly silly sill. i built my pc, runs like oiled butter on lubed glass. plays any game with graphics maxed no prob. 150+ fps (without bootcamp). decent? definitely. cost? 1500 with nice ass monitor and decent keyboard. recycled parts? i think not. video card ATI (ahem) radeon HD 4850. sex? definitely. hubbys self built pc got the sex from me, and anyone with a computer as smexy as mine i would definitely start a conversation with at the very least. mac, thats obviously a mac, that looks and runs like all the other macs? nothx. windows 7 for the win thx for listening noob.

  • This comparison is so retarded it isn’t even funny. Whoever made that has no idea what the fuck he’s talking about.

    1# No, Windows pc’s can’t easily run other OS’, but they DON’T NEED TO. Windows pc’s don’t need to switch to an entirely different operating system just to play a fucking game.

    2# Matter of opinion, but generally Macs are prettier. But if that’s your sole reason to buy a Mac; you’re a fucking idiot.

    3# One of the biggest loads of crap ever. As stated before, at least Windows pc’s don’t need to switch to a different fucking operating system just to play a game. And of course a Mac can also get BSODS if it’s running on Windows, and of course it will also have bugs. Why would bugs and BSODs not apply to a Mac running Windows? A Mac running Windows IS a PC.

    4# Anyone who has to rely on his PC to get him laid doesn’t deserve to live.

    5# And you can’t put an ATI card in a PC because? That’s the good thing; on a pc you can actually choose! Oh, your mac still has a 4000 series ATI because they haven’t released the new line of Macs yet? Too bad, I’ll be enjoying my 6870 now. Macs NEVER have the latest hardware. NEVER. Pc’s, being constantly upgradable will always be able to have the latest technology, whereas with a Mac you’re stuck to whatever Apple shoves in those things. And they only change that once a year. If you buy a brand new Macbook Pro now, you can’t even get it with an i3 processor even though it’s been out for over a year. Nooo, they still run on core2duo’s. Old crap.

    6# And this has to be the most hilarious one. I’d like to just laugh at this, but here’s why this is so very, very wrong:
    Macs ARE FUCKING EXPENSIVE. Ever tried customizing one? 300 dollars for a 2TB harddisk? 90 dollars for a DVD drive? 250 dollars for an ATI 5770 which I’ve seen for under a 100 on the normal market? Ridiculous.

  • And who said Macs were good at media stuff. This is terrible. He didn’t even make a proper picture on his Mac. He must have messed up the pictures. And missed that Mac’s don’t BSOD, they DIE!

  • I’m not gonna lie. This is the worst and quite possibly the most biased comparison ever made O.o

  • Seriously, what a load of shit.
    I’m not gonna render all of the comparison points obsolete, as this has already been done a few times.

    But I’ve recently built myself a new PC, so here’s the configuration:

    GIGABYTE AM3 socket Mainboard (AMD890FX chipset)
    AMD Phenom II X6 1100T Thuban (3,3 Ghz)
    8 GB G.Skill Ripjaws DDR3-RAM
    Sapphire HD 6850
    Samsung 2TB HDD (7200rpm)
    some cheap DVD burner
    Aerocool VX-E Limited Edition case (definitely looks way more badass than any Mac and has 5 case fans pre-installed)
    OS: Windows 7 Professional 64bit
    Price: 900€ (~1250$)

    Now, show me a Mac that can even remotely compare to that system, for a similar price.
    Oh, yeah, and it runs perfectly stable and I can run Crysis 2 on extreme Details without any problems whatsoever. Try to do that on a Mac the same price. Oh, right, Crysis 2 won’t even run on a Mac … (without bootcamp, but that’s completely beside the point)

  • that cheap thing is wrong.. macs are so expensive. macbook pros are like $1000, the only expensive pcs are alienware and they’re also like $1000 but they’re the best PCs you can get

  • 1) pc can run mac with oracle virtualbox
    2)it depends of the look of the pc. (could be the best looking case EVAR or maybe some IBM pile o crap)
    3)more games are designed for pc. (i have a mac and a pc the mac is newer and most games are corrupt or won’t run with it the pc runs everything from dark castle to portal 2 with me spending $60.
    4)personally that has no effect either way so there is no yes or no.
    5)nvidia is 75% better than ati tech ’cause my experiences with ati are horrible. i don’t think IBM and dell put recycled parts in their computers.
    6)$60 for my computer 2.93 ghz intel core 2 duo. 512 megabyte nvidia geforce 9600 gt 128-bit. 4 gig ddr3 ram 1333 mhz lenovo board 160 gb seagate barracuda 7200 rpm. runs like new.
    7) WTF just WTF. macs are really expensive and guess what? like I said mine was $60 (it’s a pc) and runns better than my mac.
    8) do not whine when you die, learn from your mistakes.

  • Ha this is bullshit. Whoever made this either made it as a joke, or they are the most mentally retarded fanboy known to man.