I’ve Beaten by a John Mccain supporter at Omegle. If i don’t see colors, how i know Barack Obama is black?

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: UG?
You: just tell me which is better
Stranger: ok
You: digg, reddit or stumbleupon?
Stranger: i hate all of them
You: this is an awesome answer.
You: thank you.
You: google maps, yahoo maps, microsoft live maps?
Stranger: no problem 🙂
Stranger: why does this matter?
You: why it doesn’t?
Stranger: but… google maps cuz its the only one i’ve ever used
You: i guess so.
You: which is better? fox news, nyt, iht or cnn?
Stranger: fox
You: do you support mccain?
Stranger: yes sir
You: you hate Obama?
Stranger: its kinda late now though to be asking that question
Stranger: yes, yes i do
You: why? just because he is black?
Stranger: becuase his policies are complete shit
You: this is an awesome answer.
You: but i don’t think so.
Stranger: why not
You: Obama is awesome.
You: that’s why.
Stranger: why is he awesome? just becuase he is black?
You: no, i’m white. i don’t see colors when i look at people.
Stranger: then how do you know hes black?
You: lol lol lol
You: i should have known that i was a trap.
Stranger: he might be white and everyone might just be lying to you and saying hes black
You: you beated me.
Stranger: 🙂
You: i really want to clap you buddy.
You: can i post this conversation to giveupinternet.com?
Stranger: so are you from UG?
Stranger: uh sure, why not
You: ok, just give me a name.
You: and check the site in 3 minutes.
Stranger: …why? make a name up
Stranger: ok my name is John Smith, there
You: Ok John Smith, The IBB…
You: internet’s biggest beater.
Stranger: IBB?
Stranger: oh… thanks

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