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  • It’s such bullshit. They all say the exact same that they were working for a (drum roll) pipe manufacturing company.

  • This is a scam , If google paid that much , everyone would be rich . The truth is , that in order to make that much money , you have to put in to your site twice as much to build in the traffic . Once you have the traffic , then and only then there would be a chance to make money of google. This can be done , but you need years of SEO (Search Engine Optimizing) experience and web development know how.

  • I’ve never received anything for the $3.58 charge to my credit card. Is this a scam or what. Please give me a clear explanation as to where my merchandise is and when and where it was sent. I would like a speedy reply because I don’t want to spend anymore of my time on a scam.

    Thank you,

    Jennifer Stewart

    • if you where dumb enough to trust ads on the internet you deserved to be ripped off.
      Go Nigeria (it’s fourth biggest national income comes from internet fraud)

  • Hey.. thanks guys… this GOOGLE thing waS really taking me nowhere… now I know who to trust

  • Thank you all for eyeopeners. Was wondering what it was. How would Google pay just like that!!!
    Thank you again all of you.