Skype Growing by 380,000 Users a Day, Wow! [PIC]

df The number of its users is growing by the population of Singapore (more than four million) every 12 days and nearly a third of its registered subscribers now use it for business purposes.

As if to celebrate its fifth birthday, IP telephony service provider Skype recently achieved a milestone of 15 million concurrent users, meaning there are now 405 million skype users across the planet. This figure, they say, is growing by 380,000 every day.

Skype, an eBay company, unveiled these extraordinary figures in Singapore, to mark the launch of its new software Skype 4.0, which it describes as ‘the most exciting and fundamental change to Skype’s software in the company’s history’. more Image Credit:  malthe

Give Up Internet‘s Note

1-) Never knock on the Skype’s door as a marketer.
2-) According to these numbers, in 2000 days, the whole world will use Skype.
3-) After 2000 days, wait, what?