Internet censorship – A good explanation of Internet censorship [VIDEO]

Internet censorship – A good explanation of Internet censorship by Good Magazine

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  • I was watching this. Then. I lost connection. God. For a second I freaked that the government was not letting me watch this video. Turns out I disconnected my router.

  • that goes completely against what the internet is for, why would the west give them the technology if there just going to abuse it. some countries governments are like spoilt children

  • Oh, isn’t Australia going to be in good company then? Bloody stupid proposed net filter *continues to mumble irritably under breath*

  • And how long before places like Australia and the UK, both considering filtering, head the same way?

    Time to get rid of this government while we still can.

  • Also keep in mind, however, that while these American websites may be aiding the filtering, they stand to lose a great deal of the market share should the choose to deny the Chinese Government the ability to filter results. With the population of China alone, if websites like Google and Microsoft denied governments, they themselves would be filtered, denying them potential profit. Although it may not align with their political beliefs, it is hard to turn down the financial gain of that many people.

  • I am from Germany and its not true that websites about holocaust are blocked only pro nazi websites that are glorifying them but i think it is part of history and should not be forgotten so it would not happen again. There are some videos i cant watch on youtube i was abled to watch before which had nothing to do with pro nazi propaganda at all. Maybe they are blocking stupid contents too. XD

  • It didn’t say that they blocked holocaust websites. It said that France and Germany block websites that deny the Holocaust.

  • You give up the Internet!!! I want the internet intact where it is. It’s progressing along fine. You don’t like it?!! just get out and become another mindless non informational person.

  • yea and so? Lets say micro and google did not make the software; their will be other companies that will. Next this is in other countries, not America, meaning this is why we are America. To us the laws of other countries may not be right by our standards but its right by theirs.

  • So, someone is mad at google or microsoft for creating filters? What? If that’s not correct, disregard the rest of this comment.

    Filters are not good or bad, and google or microsoft are not bad for making them. They’re just a product. The same product can be used to reduce spam. Just because a corrupt government uses something in a “bad” way, you can’t hold the makers of the product responsible for this.

  • Very educating. thanks for posting. I guess the internet rules are not so much different that each countries society rules…. We could have hoped that free speech would not be hampered by the very trying country promoting it. (or are we)

  • Uh, how is this a good explanation of anything? It’s just some hipster dude mumbling facts and statistics underneath some obnoxious music with some minimalist graphics thrown in.

  • Look, I live in a country wiht cencorship, it sucks. I can’t do anyhing about it. this IS a good explanation, techinicaly, but literaly, it doesn;t come close. every time I see a page that is blocked, I am reminded that it isn’t my internt, its my govornments.


    PS: I posted this from a secure proxy, os I am suposedly safe from my government… or so they say

  • Wow, every one of the comments I read are simply dumb. Even the US has a filtered internet. Obviously, some countries are more filtered than others, but some of you that are posting are completely missing the point. We are being censored. That’s all this video is saying. And to Tar who states it’s “just some hipster”, you’re an idiot. Big name corporations are going to work in compliance with countries because they are getting paid to do what they are told and that’s the bottom line. Just because Google and Microsoft contribute to the filtering does not make them bad companies. They either get paid or they don’t. It is that simple. They are looking out for number one, which no human can EVER deny. You all should be upset that you’re being lied to, not about who’s lying to you.