Marissa Ann Mayer Leaving Google in 2009

marissa ann mayer Marissa Ann Mayer, The Princess of Google is Leaving. Here is the article about this via ValleyWag: What will Google be like without Marissa Mayer, the glamour nerd whose goofy laugh so neatly captures the search engine’s adolescent awkwardness? We’ll know soon. We hear the company’s 19th employee is planning her goodbye.

Top Googlers, overheard at a holiday party, chattered about Mayer’s departure as a matter of if, not when. And in some ways, it’s surprising she’s stayed as long as she has.  First of all, she’s wealthy. That “19th employee” bit is code, within Silicon Valley, for “rich”; the earlier an employee joins a startup which succeeds, the more money they make. With Google, which is still worth $96 billion after its stock tumble, that translates into hundreds of millions of dollars for Mayer, who owns a penthouse apartment in San Francisco’s Four Seasons, another home in outrageously pricey Palo Alto, and a large (if questionably tasteful) art collection, including original glass sculptures by Dale Chihuly. A couture hound, she once paid $60,000 for a lunch with Oscar de la Renta, and she owns part of I Dream of Cake, a “cake gallery” in North Beach, as a way of indulging her pastry fetish.

Personally i have never experienced that Google made a big mistake.  So i don’t want to judge both sides here. As a very rich cute internet girl, she won’t miss Google days that much i think.

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