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Best Digg Response Ever [PIC]

best digg response ever
Best Digg Response Ever. First guy buried the story. Probably he thinks that he made a great job. Second user says; Congragulations, Are you feeling better now?”

GoodBye 2008, You Weren’t That Cool [PIC]

GoodBye 2008
GoodBye 2008, You Weren’t That Cool. Personally it was a sucking year for me. I couldn’t start anything,  i couldn’t act.  I wish i wouldn’t post a similar comic at the end of 2009.

Jason Calacanis: Why Shouldn’t I Spam Google? It’s Awesome [COMIC]

Jason Calacanis - Why Shouldn't i spam Google?
Jason Calacanis: Why Shouldn’t I Spam Google? It’s Awesome

Most of you know Jason Calacanis, Founder and the Ceo of Mahalo Inc. Also the founder of Weblogs Inc. (one of the most popular blogs network). He sold Weblogs Inc for 25 million dollars to AOL. We were expecting another blog network from him but he didn’t do this.  He created Mahalo, The Human Powered Search  Engine instead.  For instance, when you search for Brad Pitt, you see a page full of brad pitt related links. Unfortunately that’s all. As you know Google is not clear enough. Google fails at simplicity. Mahalo brings us a page similar to Google’s “first results page”. Mahalo is all we need. Also Mahalo doesn’t like robots.txt. If  Mahalo was mine, whole site would be disabled for search engines with “robots.txt”. But Mahalo’s Search Results also indexed to other search engines as well.

Jason Calacanis is a clever guy. But people were expecting more from him.

BONUS: He created an “answers section” to spam Google more. As you know Yahoo Answers is not enough 🙂  Y! Answers has 123m indexed pages at Google. But Jason knows that always there is a place for a newcomer.

Happy New Year Jason! Be less evil at 2009…

By Szjlack / Guest Give Up Internet Author

Google: StormFront + WorldNetDaily = 1,450 hits

google stormfront worldnetdaily
Google: StormFront + WorldNetDaily = 1,450 hits

What happens when you search the White Nationalist website StormFront.org for the name WorldNetDaily? You get 1,450 hits returned. WND followers dispute connections to racism, bigotry and xenophobia; but racists, bigots and xenophobes sure aren’t denying connections to WND. via