Digg Reinvention Tips For Kevin Rose

Digg Reinvention Tips For Kevin Rose

As you may heard, digg let 15 employees go.

I think people on digg can not manage digg well. Digg can’t catch the train and can’t improve itself enough. Think about facebook’s “like” button. It has to be the key of digg to own the content of the internet but digg doesn’t have even a strong response. Facebook is going to make digg more useless in near future.

Like many people on industry, only Kevin Rose can save digg. Here are some -important tips- that can save digg. Kevin Rose, take thoose into consideration.

1-) Manage your company.
2-) Spend your time on digg. Not on digg tv.
3-) Be away from the media for a while.
4-) No beer, drink tea. You know, tea is always better.
5-) Remove digg bar. Seriously what the hell is that?
6-) Let your users have desire to click links. Visiting digg looks like a “difficult” road. People that visit digg every day, now visit once or two a week.
7-) Make it more social. Add private messaging. Follower, Following lists (remove “fan” word from digg) But make all of these more simple.
8 -) Re-design header. Center the search or make it more visible. Let your visitors also using digg as a search engine. You have to the “real social search” but you do not use this weapon. What are you waiting for? Let your users have desire to search. This point is really important. Digg has to be lighter.
9-) Re-design your footer. You do not need columns. Make it more simple
10-) Create a small “digg widget” like facebook’s “like”.  Make it easily embeddable.
11-) Make it international with subdomains. And become the local social bookmarking leader of other countries.
12-) Use more “white space” in your design.
13-) Make user profiles more important.
14-) Solve the “power users” problem. Same problem for 4 years. What kind of a company is digg?
15-) Let all the links follow the source. Not the comments page.
16-) “Single title page”, make it more simple. Related and Sponsored Titles looks same as the real title.
17-) “Comment Karma System”

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