Instant Rimshot | When Someone Say an Awesome, Funny or a Irony-Like-Irony Thing in a Internet Conversation, link to here.

What is Instant Rimshot?

Instant Rimshot is tool to use at forums, conversations, hen Someone Say and Awesome, Funny or a Irony-Like-Irony.

How to Use?

Just Link to

What is Instant Rimshot According to Urban Dictionary?

that badum-CHING thing they do on a drum after a joke.

a man walked into a bar. OUCH!


person A : I think Google should buy Microsoft
person B:

In here, person a is an idiot.

person A : … and you can also drink that milk lol
person B:

In here, person made an awesome joke. (just imagine)

GiveUpInternet‘s Note

This is a bit old but fun.  Page Rank of the domain is 6. This means that RimShot is very popular. So  just use it, follow to crowd, become mundane, leave yourself to MTV’S wings, don’t think, also don’t act, eat as much as you can, die younger, feel the difference…

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  • Google is listing as malware, I trust it isn’t but is this a false alert, the site been infected, and has it been removed, the ‘malware’ that is.