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Classic iPad Stand [PIC]

Classic iPad Stand [PIC]
Classic iPad Stand [PIC]

Hey Steve, iPad Sucks without Flash! [VIDEO]

Hey Steve, iPad Sucks without Flash!

Steve Jobs hasn’t minced words when defending Apple’s decision to not support Flash on iPad and iPhone.

But you won’t see Ben Hoffman’s iPad demonstration on a big screen anytime soon. For this week’s infoMania Tech Report, Ben tests out his favorite websites, from Hulu to the New York Times — all of which look completely awful.

A Dog Tests the iPad [VIDEO]

Sharon Feder: I’ll admit it, I’m a sucker for dog videos. When I saw this week’s “A Dog Tests the iPad” video from Tested.com in which a corgi tests out the iPad (and is not a fan), I knew I had to to try the same out with my lhasa apso, Sunny. Let’s just say Sunny wasn’t a fan, either…

Alice for the iPad [VIDEO]

Download it now from the app store! Tilt your iPad to make Alice grow big as a house, or shrink to just six inches tall. This is Alice in Wonderland digitally remastered for the iPad. Play with the White Rabbit’s pocket watch – it realistically swings and bounces. Help Alice swim through a Pool of Tears. Or hand out sweets that bounce and collide with the magical talking Dodo. This wonderful lite edition is the first instalment of Alice’s journey and includes an amazing selection of animated scenes. Watch as full screen physics modelling bring the classic illustrations to life.

Rumor: The iPad To Go On Presale Next Week

“It’s time to warm up your credit cards folks.  Despite the fact that you won’t have it in your hands before March 29th (or 60 days after the announcement, according to Steve Jobs), you should be able to put in your iPad order as soon as next week.”  [s]

Give Up Internet‘s Note: I hope you won’t buy it. Seriously.

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