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Not Google, You Fail | Stop Posting Stories and ScreenShots about Google’s 15 Min of Security Fail

Here is another ss about that;


Ok guys, bloggers, World’s Biggest Media Empires, Newspapers even Tvs, we understand, we know that google tagged all web sites as “this site may harm your computer” for 15 minutes. This is not a huge concern. This is not a significant issue. It’s just waste of time.

I hate World Media Jumping all crap stories about Google

Give Up Internet’s Note

Give Up Internet has also covered this story. Yeah, even GiveUpInternet.com.

Microsoft Ad Fail – Claus – Strange ad at Digg [PIC]

claus strange ad at digg Claus – Strange ad at Digg. Have you seen this ad yet? It’s one of the most frightening ads on digg. Microsoft is also an awesome advertising company. Their relation-ships are strong and powerful. They work with huge advertisers. Also they have to most relevant ads on earth. When i saw claus ad during my digg moments, i asked myself; how could microsoft found me? This ad is what i’ve been searching for. Microsoft is good at specific advertising. They are the king of targeted advertising also. I love Microsoft. Die Google.