Excel is my Hobby [PIC]

excel is my hobby
Excel is hobby of a Microsoft Most Valuable proffessional.  We’re very similar. I climb, sing and create photoshop slide-shows in my spare time.

Owner of Hemmy.net, Katana Disappeared

hemmy.net's owner
Hemmy.net, was one of my favourite entertainment blog.  It was a bit different in the crowd.  The name of the owner was probably Katana. Anyway. I’ve been visiting the site to see new updates in last months but he wrote his last post and stopped blogging.

User of Hemmy.net commented on the last post;


– this place has a serious lack of updates

– it does. It’s gotten my hopes up a fair few times with a burst of consisant updates, but sometimes it just ends up really annoying me with the lack of them.. but when it does update it’s pretty decent, so i’ll keep looking at it

– hey guys, are you alive?

– come on hemmy.. don’t let more people down =(

– Just starting to wonder if you guys are alive, it’d be kinda sad if we kept on nagging and you guys were dead. . . So if you’re alive, just comment or something so people know whats happening. This site used to be really cool and interesting, until it started getting behind on the updates. Hope you guys are well, and keep up the good work.

– WHAT’S WRONG!!!??? I still have the hope of open the page and see and update… =’(

– This site is one of the inspirations for my site but this is the longest stretch of non-updating I’ve seen. Please carry on giving us entertaining links.

I’ll still be checking Hemmy every now and then in hopes of new content.

– Are you guys ok? making a long worldtrip somewhere? sick?

– hope the owner is all right and well. worried something might have happen to him. wish there’ll be updates soon.

– hey does anyone know that other website that this guy runs?

maybe we could find something about whats going on here, and see if he’s alright????

– it does seem like something’s wrong o.o owner just disappeared like that?

– Are you dead?


Absolutely we wish that he is fine and just gave a break.  He is good blogger, and he shouldn’t give up internet. There is just “a thing” that makes me think that everything is fine; he removed contact page.

Anyway, Come on Katana

Jeremy Schoemaker and His Incomparable Blogging Style

jeremy schoemaker He Says: This is a great chance to get your brand out there and also support a GREAT CAUSE! All of the winning bidders money will go to the Affiliate Marketers Give Back The short version is this: There is an auction on here for me to wear your company logo during affiliate summit. The winner will send me 3 shirts to wear at Affiliate Summit West. I will wear no other shirt than your shirt during the conference and parties. You will receive a TON of exposure- Video Exposure:

  • At Affiliate Summit this year we have gone through all the background checks, union agreements, and other hoops to be one of very few people allowed to take video inside of Affiliate Summit West. I already have about 15 companies booked to interview them about their services and also will be doing some general video.
  • I also am asked about 10-20 times to be video interviewed (nobody is supposed to shoot video without authorization people will do it outside of conference areas) and your shirt will be shown.
  • I have over 10,000 youtube subscribers and am by far the most subscribed to person in this niche. All of the subscribers get alerted each time I upload a video. Each of my videos also has a chance of being syndicated by techcrunch/mashable or another large HUGE website and giving your company more exposure.
  • I will also put the video on our CDN which will be shoemoney branded and get more exposure on the blog here.

I Say: This is not the first time i’ve heard about Jeremy Schoemaker, the founder of Shoemoney Media Inc . He is an incomparable blogger. He is a search engine marketer but the biggest part of his marketing strategies  is  “sensational marketing”. While he was thinking of this T-Shirt campaign, he already knew that, other bloggers won’t able to stop posting about him easily.  I know you’ve expected that i’ll say give up internet to Shoemoney. No guys, you’re wrong, if you still don’t have a little idea about the rules and shortcuts of internet success, give up, you give up internet.

Facebook Date Says Tomorrow [PIC]

facebook date tomorrow
Is this the first problem we’ve reached at facebook? I don’t remember such problems before at facebook. Do you?

Book Rental Service [PIC]

the book rental service
it says;
book rental service?
was just thinking my sister does -alot- of reading and spends like $1000 a year on just books alone. most of them she reads once then never looks at again. is there any kind of like… video rental store but for books? would make things a lot cheaper, plus once has read one the next person can get enjoyment from it etc.

North American Vs. Japanese Internet [PIC]

north american vs japanese internet
Give Up Internet!

In North America:  Download Speed; 9343 kb/s, Upload Speed; 776 kb/s for 60$/month.  And in Japanese:  Download Speed; 77732 kb/s, Upload Speed;12915kb/s for free. But it’s cause they’re densely populated. Hmm, Wait, What?

Embed This Photo To Your Site;

<a href=”https://giveupinternet.com/2008/12/23/north-american-vs-japanese-internet-pic/”><img src=”https://giveupinternet.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/12/north-american-vs-japanese-internet.jpg” alt=”north american vs japanese internet” width=”571″ height=”716″ /></a><br>
<a href=”https://giveupinternet.com”>Give Up Internet</a><a href=”https://giveupinternet.com/2008/12/23/north-american-vs-japanese-internet-pic/”><a href=”https://giveupinternet.com”>!</a></a>

Free Broken Time Machine [PIC]

free broken time machine
Free Broken Time Machine (Williamsport)
Never get around to fixing it, all the buttons are stuck so it doesn’t go in reverse only forward at normal speed. Come pick it up whenever.

Worst Gig Ever [PIC]

worst gig ever
Worst Gig Ever. Click On The Photo for Enlarged Version.

Digg’s Cost 5 Million / a Year

kevin rose
Kevin Rose

Spence E.Ante, from Business Week, wrote and article about Digg and the whole Web 2.0 Media Blogs covered that story. The reason behind this business fail is Microsoft and Microsoft really freezed Digg’s advertising strategies with tons of useless banner ads. It’s a three years of contract.  I know that Microsoft paid good money. If not, Microsoft should give up internet, if they paid good money but Digg Guys can’t manage it well, digg guys should give up internet. If there is something secret that we don’t know and we go on talking around rumors, we should give up internet.

The Huffington Post excerpts liberally from third-party sites’ stories and uses this content to drive significant traffic to itself.

The Huffington Post’s news aggregation business drives enormous traffic to the third-party sites its editors link to (including, occasionally, this one). The Huffington Post also often excerpts liberally from third-party sites’ stories and uses this content to drive significant traffic to itself.

As the web journalism business model evolves, aggregation will become more important. The sense of what constitutes “fair use” here is–and should be–still evolving. The first reaction of many content creators is to feel that any large content excerpt taken by another site has been “stolen.” If the excerpt drives significant traffic back to the creator’s site, however, the creators often are–and should be–grateful for the link (we certainly are). If the aggregator takes the entire story without any credit, gratitude, permission, linking, or traffic in return, however, content creators justifiably feel ripped off.

Source and Rest

This is not news for nerds because many people know this truth. The -only- relation between HP and “NEWS” is; HP’s name. What do you think hp guys? What about to give up internet? Not now?

Seriously, Who Was Phone? [PIC]

who was phone
“So ur with ur honey and yur making out wen the phone rigns. U anser it in the vioce is “wut” r u doing wit my daughter?” U tell ur girl n she say “my dad is ded”. Then who was phone?

Wait, What?

Google Search is Broken

google search is broken
Google Keyword in Google Search is Broken.  / by muellergraphics / flickr.

Can you believe this? Google is broken. I’ve been talking about these for a month. Google is broken, and this is the reason why we’ve changed our name to Give Up Internet! Hey Google, i can’t say you “give up internet” but at least, take a holiday.

Last Hello World

Yeah, this is the first post of this awesome blog. But this is the last “Hello World” Post of mine. Some awesome years has gone with internet. I know there’s always a new place for newcomers but this hasn’t work for me yet. This is the last project that will help me to decide “should i give up?” , or never give up.  We’ll see.
Hi, I’m Sergey Page, Yes, it’s not my real name.