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    • yes, i agree. probably because its basically the exact idea for a “spaceman spiff” calvin and hobbes strip.

  • grammatically incorrect
    how’s that damn kid keep getting in here? should be how does that damn kid keep getting in here?
    sorry im a grammar nazi

    • You’re also an idiot for wanting the text in a comic to be grammatically correct. And also, how’s can be considered an acceptable contraction for how does, based on personal speech patterns and regional dialects. Since the sentence you are referencing is spoken, expecting perfect grammar based on silly “rules” made for the written word just makes you come off as an idiot.

      • I really, really don’t like you. Whether you like it or not, he is correct. It is very incorrect grammar. I’m not big into being grammatically correct, but just because this guy clearly knows it better than you, doesn’t mean you should bitch him out. (I hope you die) 😀

        • Like Skyryth said this is dialogue and not everyone speaks with perfect grammar which makes this a non issue.

    • buddy, you have a lot to learn about grammar.
      start with stephen fry’s video on youtube and go from there.

    • You must be mentally deficient, because “im” is not a word. Were you looking for the contraction of “I am”? Also, excellent work failing to use any punctuation whatsoever, douchey douche doucher. English and I hate you, as does everyone else in the universe. Die.

    • solution: tie short rope from belt to hole on back of cocking mechanism. stretch arms outwards to cock gun. shoot. repeat. 🙂

  • Hilarious.
    But fyi the sound of kicking a curtain door would not be a crash, it would definitely be a swoosh.

    • Swoosh? Are you meaning there’s a curtain in real life? Since the door pictured here is clearly with a doorknob.

      Also, why can’t -I- get that kind of accuracy with my nerf guns?