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Swagway X1 Hands-free Smart Board Review [PRODUCT]

The fastest, lightest model available. But it still features zero degree turning and can climb up to a 15 degree incline.
Make your commute an adventure at 10MPH, 20 miles per charge!
Easy to learn – simply lean your body and the Swagway does the rest. You’ll get the hang of it in just a few minutes.
U.S. brand. FCC, RoHS, CE, WERCs, Prop65, UN38.3 Certified.
One year warranty if you register online.

Swagway X1 Review

In case you’re looking for one of the best hoverboards available at this time, you have gone to the ideal spot. The Swagway X1 sans hands savvy board is one of the top offering drift sheets accessible for procurement, and for some great reasons.

How about we get into our Swagway X1 sans hands keen board survey.

First off, it has a top speed that is just matched by a modest bunch of other self-adjusting bikes out there at 10 miles. That settles on this a magnificent decision for rate addicts.

Clearly, on the off chance that you have children, you will need to make sense of if your children are mindful and sufficiently experienced with segways to handle the higher rates.

The extent on the Swagway X1 without hands shrewd board isn’t awful either. Clients can conceal to 20 miles for each charge.

Another significant component of this top of the line hoverboard is the mind boggling taking care of capacities. It is fit for performing zero degree turns, and it can deal with slopes as much as 30 degrees. That makes this segway superb for surfaces you experience once a day like black-top, hardwood, and rug (it will harm the floor covering after some time however). Hell, it even runs better than average on grass, particularly when the grass is newly cut and low.

It likewise handles impediments like hindrances and potholes exceptionally well.

Is it accurate to say that you are beginning to make sense of why numerous say the Swagway X1 is one of the best hoverboards available at this time?

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The brilliant engine that comes standard is another amazing element of the Swagway X1 sans hands keen board that emerges. For instance, when you’re moving downhill, the engine naturally identifies the slope and keeps the hoverboard from expanding speed because of gravity.

On the other hand, when heading up a grade, the engine consequently expands the velocity so that the slope doesn’t back you off. At the end of the day, you continue moving at the same pace you did before getting on the slope.

Really cool stuff huh?

Swag on!

At that point, there’s the feel. All things considered, it is known as the Swagway which is as it should be.

Accessible in an assortment of hues, the Swagway X1 sans hands keen board has a smooth outline, complete with against slip foot cushions and LED lights that give it a science fiction look.

In the event that there’s one drawback to this self-adjusting bike, it’s the truth it comes in at 29 pounds. Without a doubt, that is not going to be an issue for most grown-ups to convey from spot to put, yet it may be too substantial for a few kids that are under 12 years of age.

You won’t need to invest much energy sitting tight for this hoverboard to charge on account of the fast charger that accompanies it. It just takes an hour for the charger to take the battery from low to full. That is a capacity you won’t discover in numerous other self-adjusting bikes.

The Swagway X1 without hands savvy board has loads of buildup encompassing it all things considered. In case you’re on the chase for one of the best hoverboards available, here you go.