Amazing Ad: Redneck Drives a Duct Tape Car off a Cliff!

This is casting tape. Similar to what is used to form the hard shell for casts on broken arms/legs/etc. It’s a woven fiberglass roll with a polyurethane resin that sets with water.

The Incredible Big Picture Mosaic

The Big Picture is a project to create the biggest photo album in the West Midlands where the people there submitted over 110,000 photos. The photos are then used to create a huge record breaking photo mosaic the size of three tennis courts which was unveiled at Birmingham’s Thinktank at Millenium Point on 23rd August 2008.

British artist Helen Marshall is the creative mind behind the project where she worked with photo mosaic specialists PollyTiles to realize the enormous image.

BullFrog and The Unlucky Sparrow

Ambush predators as they are known for, the bullfrog can be seen submerging large preys (in this case the sparrow) into the water to cut their air supply and defense.

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