Mark Zuckerberg Talking(?) About Facebook [PIC]

funny mark zuckerberg talking about facebook
Have you ever watched Mark Zuckerberg, (Founder and Ceo of Faceboook) while talking about Facebook? If yes, probably you’ve noticed that Mark never breath during interviews. Also he never answers the questions. He doesn’t even hear financial questions. I can’t say give up internet to Mark but at least i want to say; “All we know that , facebook focused on sharing information. That’s Enough. ”

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Robin Wauters of Tech Crunch – Oh, The Irony [PIC]

oh the irony
Robin Wauters of Tech Crunch – Oh, The Irony

Prokofy says; So is this a case study in how Tech Crunch is able to kill companies with one blog post? I hope they survive just to spite TC.

Robin Wauters Says: “Who said they won’t survive? And do you really think TechCrunch can make or break companies? Come on.”

Oh, The Irony, Tech Crunch is a simple free WordPress blog. It just covers Web 2.0 industry.  Who cares TC isn’t it Robin? Come on Robin, you come on.

Click to see the original version of the  conversation at Tech Crunch.

What Video Game System Should i Own?

what video game system should i own
What Video Game System Should i Own?

It’s easy, just follow the steps and make a good decision. Friends  you own are very important here. I totally agree to buy a pc as a video games lover.

NeoNazis Need Love too. And They’re paying for an ad campaign [PIC]

neo nazis need love too

“NeoNazis Need Love too. And They’re paying for an ad campaign ” said Johhny Drama, the man of the conversation.

Joseph Agius;
Hey. I have no idea who you are, but a friend Billy has told me to email you some work.
Anyways, I work for MyMedia
I do flash ads/banner to just graphic work&flash sites.
I have nothing major i can show you. but just have a look at some of my basic work on;
MyPS3 banners
an old flash ad i did for MyWii
and something basic did for

That is just some basic crap i can say easily to. but i can do heaps better and advanced stuff. Pretty much any flashad you can find/think of i could make


Johhny Drama
Great, i want you to draft me a banner ad for a neonazi dating site. I’m giving you all the creative freedom and you don’t have to add the site’s name until i pay you. I just want to see what you can do. There should be lots of swastikas. Thanks.

Joseph Agius

Neo-Nazi Dating Site?

Johhny Drama
Neonazis need love too. And they’re paying for an ad campaign.

Yahoo Answers Here to Help [PIC]

how can a 15 year old loss weight fast
Yahoo Answers Here to Help. Have a problem? Feeling bad? Confused? Tired? Just go to land of good heart awesome people, Yahoo Answers… / Order Statistics Per Day, Per Second and Shipped Per Day

amazon logo

Erick Schonfeld of TC, wrote an interesting post about Amazon.  If Amazon is a shopping site, what are the rest? huh? Those stats are amazing.

Peak items ordered on a single day

2008: 6.3M
2007: 5.4M
2006: 4.0M
2005: 3.6M
2004: 3.6M

Items ordered per second

2008: 72.9
2007: 62.5
2006: 46.3
2005: 41
2004: 32

Peak items shipped on a single day

2008: 5.6M
2007: 3.9M
2006: 3.4M
2005: 2.7M
2004: 2M+

If you still create duplicate and clone shopping sites via xml feeds of dealers, give up internet.

Thank Your Chrysler For Wasting Our Investments On Useless Ads [PIC]

chrysler thank you america
Thank Your Chrysler For Wasting Our Investments On Useless Ads.  Spending 100k $ on useless ads helps us to think that; we’re good investors. Thank You, Chrysler, Just Thank You… Now it’s time to buy some corporate jets and write “Thank You America” on them.

Bloody Apple Tattoo [PIC]

apple bloody tattoo
Bloody Apple Tattoo (at least like a tattoo). Hmm, it’s cool to carry company logos on our bodies, isn’t it? Wait, I knew that geeks were cool. And any woman on earth can not love “apple” like a man. It smells like emo.