Nerds v.s The Popular’s – Geek Stories #1

Nerds v.s The Popular’sAnna Kendra was a popular girl, brown golden hair,emerald green eyes and a petite stature.
Every girl in school wanted to be like her and every boy wanted to be with her.
But the only guy she really liked was Alex Rover, tall, dark mousy hair, bright blue eyes and dimples.
The problem was Anna was one of the “popular’s” and Alex was a straight out, nerd.
But one day that changed, Anna was sashaying down the hall over to homeroom when she bumped into a tall… something and dropped her books.
oh, I’m so sorry I wasn’t watching where I was going“ Anna rambled.
When she looked up she saw Alex smiling down at her holding her books.
Thanks “ Anna said blushing as she took her books, “ no problem“ Alex replied.
Then they both went separate ways to their classes.
Anna walked into class then walked over to where her group of friends were sitting “ why are smiling? “ said her closest friend Britney.
None of your bee’s wax Brit“ said Anna but she was thinking about bumping into Alex in the hall.
After a few classes it was finally lunch time and Anna’s stomach was rumbling super loud.
She rushed to the cafeteria in search of a good burger, fries and a milkshake.
Anna stood with her tray in the waiting line when she heard a familiar voice say to her “ hey baby, how’s a going“.
Anna spun around to face Liam the schools most popular bad boy.
oh hey…. Liam“ Anna muttered as she rolled her eyes.
That’s when Liam annoyingly flirted with her till her breaking point.
Meanwhile Alex was standing about 2 people behind the two noticing Anna’s agitation.
He decided to go stop Liam before it got out of hand.
Alex tapped Liam shoulder interrupting him, then Liam turned around slowly.
What do you want nerd boy?“ taunted Liam.
I want you to leave Anna alone now, or else“ said Alex confidently.
or else what nerd boy?“ taunted Liam again.
or else this“ said Alex then he grabbed a cherry pie off a random girls tray and slammed it in Liam’s face.
The whole cafeteria froze and stared as cherries, pie crust and whipped cream slid off Liams face.
Then someone broke the silence by shouting “ FOOD FIGHT!
People grabbed their food and threw it at each other and the popular girls scurried away so that their clothes wouldn’t get messed up.
The food fight lasted exactly 2 minutes before a teacher and the principal walked in and blew a whistle.
Alex, Liam and Anna were the main culprits of the incident so they walked to the principals office stinky and wet with cafeteria foods stuck in places you wouldn’t believe.
Alex and Anna got excused without any warnings but Liam had received his 100th detention.
So Alex and Anna walked out and Anna said “ hey thanks for defending me out there“.
no problem even though I started a food fight“ said Alex.
it’s fine since Liam’s cleaning it up“ laughed Anna.
so want to hang sometime?“ Alex then said.
sure this Friday?“ smiled Anna.
yes and I’ll make sure to buy you fries, milkshake and a burger” said Alex as he smiled back.
Anna giggled and held Alex’s hand as they walked down the hall.
Then from there their relationship grew and grew and they were the schools first couple of a nerd and a popular.
Just in time for Valentines day…. source.