How to read the DC New 52 Events in the correct order [17 PICS]

DC New 52 Events 02-smh7m9x 03-nmswgxw 04-vwkgkwg 05-novk7i6 06-lcznsyx 07-o8wplvp 08-rhzuzxf 09-bt8jw9a 10-nv8kg5o 11-b9tvdkf 12-ak8lj9r 13-p3acbod 14-k3a9g6x 15-mg8wtgk 16-yeedcru 17-ax42vxs 18-be5mksz 19-asbuk19 20-ysexgup 21-qibbadr 22-v6mbvz1 23-gn4zxpa 24-gbqzref

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