Hasan Kale, Artist of Small Paintings [15+ PICS]

Hasan Kale, a fantastically skilled painter from Turkey, pushes the limits of what can be accomplished with paint by painting incomprehensibly minor yet delightful compositions on… pretty much anything, truly.

Kale’s creative canvases incorporate, however are not restricted to, nut husks, split almonds, banana chips, and beans – insofar as it’s little, he’ll paint on it. He paints on inorganic articles also, yet the nourishment canvases are more amazing a direct result of their impermanent nature. And afterward there’s the scale to consider. The greater part of these are tiny to the point that they can’t be seen plainly without amplification, which makes one wonder – how could he have been able to he do that!?

As indicated by his Facebook, Kale has set himself the objective of painting an outline of Istanbul on a strand of hair. On the off chance that there’s anyone who can pull this off, it’s likely him.
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