Back to The Future Lego Set [5 PICS]

It’s looking like a Back to the Future trilogy LEGO play set is going to become a reality in the near future. The pictures you see here are of a fan made LEGO set that was submitted to the site Lego Cuusoo, where people vote on fan creations in hope LEGO will actually develop an official play set out of them. This Back to the Future set has received over 10,000 votes, which means that LEGO will take it to the evaluation stage that will most likely lead to an official limited edition run. I don’t see why they’d turn this set down, it’s pretty spectacular. Would you buy this BTTF LEGO set? via GeekyTrant

back to the future lego
back to the future lego
back to the future lego
back to the future lego
lego bttf

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