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    • I was thinking the EXACT same thing….It’s like this douchebag knows NOTHING about China…lol

    • Hes referring to the west’ opinion of him…. and possibly how there was a chinese man not too long ago who was thrown in jail for supporting democracy and was given the Nobel…. you both sound like the ignorant douchebags.

  • If you murder a dictator, you’re a hero. If you murder a child, you’re a monster.
    Context DOES matter.

  • Assange is self centered. Do I care about Assange? He should go home to
    Austrailia and help his people in their problems with the flooding they are having.
    He’s a very poor example of internet proportions. Quit giving him so much publicity.
    quit defending the likes of him. He’ll do anything to get publicity. He belongs in prison.——-Doug Rosbury

    • I, for one, want to know what my government is up to, and if Assange is the means to that end then I support him.

      I guess you prefer ignorance, every time.

      • Self centered? How so? It sounds like the reason the world wants him is because he’s exactly the opposite, do you even know the story of what happened or why he is in trouble at this point in time? Not even because of real reasons, but by faulty swedish law that by any other means would be announced as ridiculous and non-viable, but in this case it’s applicable just because he tattled on a few people.

        It’s these kinds of people we need more of, someone willing to put a face on a faceless organization and take the heat in exchange for freedom of information and breaking the chains of corruption.

        It sounds to me like you enjoy your ignorance, though, so enjoy it thoroughly.

    • I don’t know that he’s really all that self-centered. I’m not exactly fond of the man himself due to some things I’ve heard, but I’m 100% behind his cause and website. It’s certainly not self-centered to not go back to your country of origin to help in a disaster. I’m certainly not self-centered for not rushing to Louisiana to help fix things after hurricane Katrina…why would he be for not helping with the Australian flooding?

  • How is it that Wikileaks is a threat to national security, when terrorist organizations and teenagers with guns have been pulling off attacks for years without it?

    I guess that’s their defense without confirming the validity of the information provided.

  • What happened to the world…Why is it apparently alright to shoot innocent people from a helicopter, but when you tell others that this event has happened, you’re a national security threat.

    So far Assange has caused no damages and nobody was killed because of it.

    • Really…innocent people? I guess you really did not watch the video you are referring to. You can clearly see multiple people carrying guns (not the cameras the journalist were carrying) traveling with the journalists. They just so happened to be waiting for the American envoy that was just in a firefight a few miles away for pictures.

      Apparently the guy had a camera, looking around the corner, but considering the company he was walking with, the fight that just took place in the direction they were looking, and the distance they were away from the hostiles (the chopper) anyone would have pulled the trigger. You are an idiot to think that in the exact same situation you would have not though the same damn thing.

      It is easy to call the pilots murderers from your computer, but walk in their shoes and see how quickly your trigger finger gets warmed up because you have to consider everything a hostile combatant…..especially when they walk with people carrying guns and are hold devices that look amazingly like a RPG from a distance…..FFS.

  • No one called Assange a security threat over the helicopter video which was released well before the recent document dumps. However, releasing data from internal government studies that identify the weakest points in our infrastructure is a threat. Releasing transcripts of private conversations that contain insults directed at foreign leaders is detrimental to foreign relations. Does anyone truly believe that all the information in the world should be public? Is there no reason whatsoever for “top secret”, “classified” or “confidential” at all? What about plans to build nuclear weapons? How about the launch codes for our forward missile silos? Aren’t we a nation of laws? And if so, do our laws about information mean anything? It’s hard to make a case that you are breaking those laws for a valid purpose when you dump hundreds of thousands of them on the public at once. I would have much more respect for what they are trying to do if they received those documents and then distilled them down to those that are in the public’s interest to know before publishing.

    Journalists report stories. Wikileaks isn’t performing journalism. They are simply stealing classified materials and publishing it in bulk without regard to its content or context.

    • No, HAVING conversations in which diplomats insult foreign leaders is unprofessional. They have no right to assume privacy when they have accepted a job as public as this. They failed to behave in a manner that justifies yours and my tax dollars being spent to give them a better life than most of us will live with calluses on our hands and an ache in our backs. I WANT the whole world to know about this! I want the US to be bitterly embarrassed by them. In that way, we may reform our policies and have diplomats who are actually skilled and worthy of the position instead of these leeches who just knew someone in office and got appointed. All this is besides the point…when I have something nasty to say about someone I have to deal with on a daily or official basis, I sure as hell don’t RECORD IT AND STORE IT ON SERVERS BELONGING TO A GOVERNMENT THE ENTIRE WORLD IS TRYING TO SPY ON!!

  • Those who decide on Nobel prize recipients are not “the west.” They are white marxists who HATE the west. Pay attention.

  • He’s a fool, I doubt he even knows the ramifications of disclosing some of his leaks. I doubt if he even reads them. To release documents of this kind without being politically aware of there meaning is fool hardy. He deserves all the attention he is getting.

  • “Oh no, he’s a dick for telling people that the government is murdering people, spying, breaking international law, doctoring elections, because he puts them at risk of being stopped from doing these things!”

    No one talks about, hey, shouldn’t we impeach our leaders for doing this in the first place? If they weren’t doing all these things they didn’t want people knowing they did, there would be no need for Wiki Leaks.

    Its like no one cares what the crimes committed were. They care about the one who puts “our officials at risk”. At risk of what? Being caught? Being embarrassed? Then stop butchering our world and our values. Stop committing crimes. Maybe no one will want to catch you then. And maybe you wont have to cover your ass.

  • I like you Dan, you have some good ideas and a will to be informed. Also, Matt, you have some valid points, but at the same time you exude a smidgeon of paranoia. Not *every* country feels the need to spy on the states – I’m sure Liberia and Sudan have more pressing matters to deal with.

  • How can american people keep supporting governments that murder their own people ie. 9/11. Lets hope WikiLeeks expose the 9/11 massacre by the US Government, there is enough proof avialable now.

    • Good grief Pete, you need to go to the top of a very high mountain, take several deep breaths and clear your head !!!

  • Quit your Yanky whining already! You just don’t like it when you’ve been exposed for the ignorant country you are. It’s a pride thing for you and now that certain atrocities have been exposed you all feel wounded and cry foul play! Seriously how stupid are you to believe all the propaganda your government and media puts out there? Stop eating burgers and watching 1000 channels of junk TV every day, invest your time wisely by seeking out truths, get a wider spectrum of opinions and facts. But for the love of God, shut your whiney mouths…

    • oh, xenophobia. You cannot assume all Americans are as you have described, just as I cannot assume all Brits are Chavs

  • China is rated the second to lowest country for press freedom. I think they are rated 178 out of 180 countries. Assange would be rotting in a jail or toiling in reeducation facility.

  • if Assange was doing this in China, he would have been whisked off as soon as the site when live, thrown into prison, executed a week later after they’d sterilized the net of all traces he’d ever existed.