Shame on You AdEngage, You Suck

A friend of mine suggest me AdEngage for cpc advertising. He heard about it from forums.  I choosed sites and ranges for ads and yesterday, ads started to run.

Here is the campaign information;


1-) You see that there is no thumbnail choosen for the ad.
2-) Ad has description.
3-) Ad’s industry is Humor

But what happened?

Here are the ads. Do you see the picture next to our link? Boobs.  Useless people click on the picture to enlarge the photo for easy masturbation. They click and see there is no larger version of the photo. And close the window. But i charged for the click.

One more Problem

I bought 50 dollars of cpc ad to test the system. I choosed to location as United States but after they charged me, they switched it to United Kingdom. And surprisingly there is not edit option for that.

Waste of Time, Waste of Money

I’ll never work with them unless they send my an apologies mail and fix the problem. I worked with adbrite in last years. I didn’t like that much but when i see adengage, Adbrite was really better.