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Why Is Ruining Social Media

Some Background for those of you who don’t know: is an in stream ad network. You sign up to their service and pushes sponsored tweets from your twitter account.

Now lets get started…

If you strip down social media to its core: it’s the collective sharing and creating of information between people. You can compare it to a club or bar where all your friends, people you know, and people in your neighborhood like to hang out and talk about what’s going on.

The beauty about this new form of media is that it’s genuine. Meaning when someone talks you tend to LISTEN much more than when an ad (like TV ads, banner ads, billboards, or anything else we LOVE to ignore) is shoved in your face.

That simple, genuine SOCIAL media – one of the greatest revolutions in human history since the industrial revolution – has caught a virus that is slowly bringing about its death. And what is this virus? and the likes: twittad be-a-magpie , sponsoredtweets etc. How is this happening, you ask? It’s very simple: imagine again that bar/club that you go to often, that you trust, and that your friends and people you like hang out at. Suddenly, out of nowhere, mid-conversation, your friends started pulling out signs and ads and shoving it in your face. You’d have a serious case of trusting them and they will lose their credibility.

The effect of this stupid form of advertising is obvious: people will lose trust in SOCIAL media. Our friends at SearchEngineLand did a great post about how trust in social media is dying, and that its already begun dying. We need to end this utterly stupid and ineffective form of advertising.  My main call of action to advertisers is don’t go for what’s trendy and new, it’s plain and simple a dumb way to advertise.

On the other hand, there are many great ways for advertisers to tap into the power of social media with fun interactive campaigns that give value to users (crazy concept right?). I can give examples of hundreds of great SM campaigns (below are some examples) that were fun, interactive, helped people, helped build a brand, and overall created a win-win for everyone involved. We should all keep focused on those values and travel down the SOCIAL/VALUE route – not the SPAM route that companies like and the likes have decided to travel on.

“Trust” in social media is everything. If people continue to see spam in their stream everyday they will see social media as another ad-pile and ignore it like they ignored TV ads when TiVo came along. I actually give respect to Facebook for not going down that path.

So, esp now that twitter has launched their own ad system, could you please close the shop and find something else and better to do? Thanks, I knew you’d understand ;)

UPDATE: this couldn’t come at a better time, Seth Goding wrote today a good post about this issue accusing twitters new ad platform of the same thing were accusing

Please tell us what you think about all this?



I really hate to see something unnatural like that on the World Wide “Free” Web.

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