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From the site; “Hi, I’m Daniel! I’m a 19-year-old web developer, living in Melbourne, Australia. I’m currently a Swinburne University student, doing my Industry Based Learning (IBL) year at PageUp People (as a Junior Developer). I enjoy web development (especially using PHP). I love exploring new technologies, and creating websites or applications implementing these technologies. This should really have a better introduction on who I am… I’ll complete it one day. For now you can add me on Facebook, I guess.

I’ve also got a list of projects I’ve worked on. I’m probably most well known as “the guy that wrote a lot of Simple Machines Forum modifications”, or “the guy that wrote the VCE ENTER Calculator” 🙂

I used to use the domain d15.biz, but recently changed to dan.cx, as it’s a nicer domain.”

Give Up Internet FAQ

Q- Why did you made a post for Daniel? Do you love him?
A- yep

Q- Would you do the same for me?
A- Nope


Q-i hate you then.
A-That’s not a question but me too.

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