Google Kills Bambi The Deer | Google Street View as Murderer [PIC]

Google Kills Bambi | Google Street View as Murderer [PIC]
Google Kills Bambi | Google Street View as Murderer [PIC]


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  1. Almost looks real but why would there be a side view shot if the camera car ran the dear over… should be under the tires.

    • The Google cars have rooftop cameras with lenses pointed toward the four cardinal points. Sometimes you can see the shadows of the camera apparatus in shadow, especially when you pan down toward the pavement. So it’s easy to pan left or right when using the street view function. This change is perspective is evident when you look at the direction in which the “N” arrow is pointing.

  2. @Jon The last time I hit a deer, it didn’t go under my car, but rather hit the ground and slid down the road about 15 yards.

    Seems legit, though; the closest I can get to that site on Google Street View is here:,+rush,+ny&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=51.974572,114.169922&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=840+5+Points+Rd,+Rush,+Monroe,+New+York+14472&ll=42.953651,-77.663212&spn=0.005921,0.013937&t=h&z=17&layer=c&cbll=42.953758,-77.66326&panoid=gc8ab733bmtKwEtxPWJaWQ&cbp=12,171.04,,0,4.91

    That driveway is visible ahead, but they cut terminated access to the virtual path.

  3. I tried entering the street address (visible in these images) in Google Maps. Curiously, the road name changes to “County Road 80,” the town name to Honeoyne, NY, and the street view stops after #864. The landscape looks similar, though different; less trees, and the three-rail fence disappears. But at #862, the fence appears in view, yet you cannot go any farther down the road. Has Google expunged the record of their murderous deed?

  4. Fake. Look at the second pic: the yellow center lines don’t match up and you can see the edges from where the pic was edited (and edited badly at that). And as Jon O said “why would there be a side view shot?”

  5. Yep, Google removed several hundred feet . You can view down the 3 rail fence, then as you approach the deer death spot, Google skips you to the next intersection.
    And Kenny, of course the lines don’t match up, the Street View images are patched together. All Google Street view is patched and trimmed images to simulate 360 degree views.

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