Old Dos Games, Oh Those Were The Games With Mike Laaaaaaary! | Omegle Conversations

Connecting to server…
Looking for someone you can chat with. Hang on.
You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: hi
You: i’ll use you.
Stranger: yes man!
Stranger: sounds good!
You: for a blog post.
Stranger: lets get this rollin then..
You: tell me;
You: digg or reddit?
Stranger: hmmmm neither i prefer regedit
You: that’s awesome. and looks like a good idea.
Stranger: big in the dos game! u get me fam
You: i love dos games.
You: cd games, enter
You: cd prince enter
You: prince megahit, enter.
Stranger: yeah man prince of persia
You: oh those were the days.
Stranger: that used 2 be a lot
You: yeah buddy
Stranger: doom.exe
You: wow
Stranger: sorted!
You: paperboy
You: another world
Stranger: gameboy
You: dangerous dave
Stranger: keen1
Stranger: keen2
Stranger: keen3-7
You: hotrod1
You: hotrod2
You: do you want to make me cry?
Stranger: sure why not
You: old days were better, because
You: old days were dos days…
Stranger: so lets get right to the point…
You: life was better in end of 80’s…
Stranger: did ketamine ruin dubstep?
You: and 90’s.
You: i didn’t uderstand.
You: it looks like a trap.
You: buddy.
Stranger: shit
You: now tell me, what would you like to say to giveupinternet.com’s users?
Stranger: there onto us
You: you can say whatever you want to say.
You: i promise, i’ll post.
Stranger: yeah i wanna big up all my fam0 and dsf gang for ruining dubstep and that you as a blogger are a bit of a prk. PEACE IM OUT!
You: OMG
You: LOL
You: Now tell me a name?
You: it’s is not that hard.
Stranger: sorry im working hard here
Stranger: name: Mike Larrry!
Stranger: wait
Stranger: name: Mike Laaaaaaary!
Stranger: thats better
You: Ok Buddy.
You: You can see our conversation at giveupinternet.com after 3 minutes.
You: nice to meet you buddy.
Stranger: yeah i noticed