Google Rumors Failed | It isn’t Atlantis we saw on Google Earth – Confirms Google [PIC]

Google: No, it’s not Atlantis.

From Google Blog;

[Note: Last week we saw some interesting speculation that Atlantis had been found in Google Earth. As much as we’d love for that to be the case, there is a scientific explanation for the odd markings found on the seafloor. We’ve invited two of the scientists who gathered the data that appears in Google Earth to answer some questions that came up. – Ed.]

Since the launch of Ocean in Google Earth, millions of people have started to explore the ocean, and many have been surprised by their discoveries.

Near Hawaii you can see a new volcanic island in the making called the Loihi Seamount.

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Give Up Internet‘s Note

World’s Biggest Media Companies wrote about that. Google showed us the quality of World Press. Again, google did not fail.