Barack Obama Loves His BlackBerry Too Much [PIC]

barack obama blackberry
Barack Obama on his BlackBerry

President Obama has become the nation’s thumb-typer-in-chief. He reached a deal with his security advisors Thursday that will let him keep his BlackBerry, albeit a version equipped with heavy encryption designed to keep bad guys from intercepting his messages and tracking his location. Though security concerns remain, the nation’s 44th president can try to keep it real by using his smartphone to e-mail with people outside the Beltway.

Photo: Barack Obama thumb-types on his BlackBerry on his campaign plane in July. Credit: Charles Ommanney / Getty Images

Source: La Times

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  • For a lot of business and gov’t agencies the Blackberry coupled with Voltage SecureMail is a great option. It uses IBE (Identity-Based Encryption)to make the task easy and manageable for businesses and simple for users.