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  • a Jedi’s light saber uses different kinds of naturally accruing crystals that have absorbed massive amounts of the force over they’re growth, cut to an exact shape and draws it’s power from the user, the color of the crystal determents the color of the blade, clear=white rube=red so on and so forth. in extended universe it’s been shown that such force enveloped crystals may be grown artificially in a clean room like conditions and might be part of the Jedi’s training to become a master as part of the building one owns light saber, spending countless hours focusing they’re connection with the force into the vat of which the crystal is being grown. This dose not always take and can lead to the crystal to crack, cutting and shaping the crystal is also very dangerous because if the crystal is not cut correctly and the light saber is turned on it could explode in the users hand.

    so if a kryptonite crystal could be grown by a Jedi from a fragment and he where to envelop it in the force and then cut it correctly, given the property’s of Green-K would be able to hurt him badly. of course if green is not your color Red-K,White-K,Blue-K,Gold-K,Yellow-K and the hardly seen Pink-K can always be used if the jedi can get they’re hands on samples.

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